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Mon 24-Jul-2017
Board of Directors Board of Directors
Mark Badcock

I have worked with Islington Council as a qualified accountant for over 30 years. I live in Surrey, just outside London, and in my spare time I like reading, walking and visiting places of interest. I helped set up a credit union for Islington Council employees nearly 20 years ago and served as Compliance Officer, Secretary, Vice President and President for this credit union between 2002 and 2007, prior to the establishment of the borough-wide credit union in 2007, when I was appointed Treasurer.
What I like most about London Capital Credit Union is our friendly and helpful staff, volunteer and Board colleagues. I also like the work we do in helping people manage and improve their finances, especially in the difficult circumstances that many of our membersí face, and our uniquely democratic and ethical nature.

I am very pleased about the success of our credit union in recent years. Iíve seen us become one of the fastest growing credit unions in the UK, helping local people keep out of the clutches of high cost lenders and benefiting the local community. Iíd urge anyone seeking ways to start saving, to get help with the costs of borrowing or looking for an ethical savings and investment alternative to join the credit union.

Helen Baron

For over 25 years I have been a resident of Haringey, Islington and now Barnet, which covers much of London Capital Credit Unionís common bond, and I enjoy getting involved in the community. In my day job I am a psychologist and I work with organisations and people to help them find appropriate roles and work effectively.

I have volunteered as Director and President of London Capital Credit Union since October 2007 and I am proud to have been involved in its phenomenal growth from a few hundred members to where we are today. We are providing fair financial services to people that want an ethical alternative and those who are often exploited by commercial firms. I see my responsibility as President to enable the Board to work effectively. The best part of the role is the opportunity it gives me to see directly how the credit union can impact on membersí lives.

I believe that an accessible saving and loans facility is sorely needed, particularly in the current economic climate. The commercial financial sector often excludes or exploits people. A credit union like ours, which is a savings and loans co-operative, can provide the services and support its members want and need in a better way.

Jonathan Colclough

In my day job, I am a lawyer specialising in company and commercial law. I also worked for the Financial Conduct Authority, the credit union's regulator, for three years until the end of 2015.

I have been involved with London Capital Credit Union since 2013, formerly as a member of the Supervisory Committee. I am involved because I support the principles of the credit union movement: people co-operating in their communities to create a democratic, ethical alternative to the banks.

James Darbyshire

I am lawyer by training, working in the financial services regulatory sector, and I joined the Board of London Capital Credit Union in 2014. I believe I am well placed to contribute fully to the legal, regulatory and compliance issues that the credit union has to face. I like to think that I also bring enthusiasm, dedication and good humour to the role!

I wanted to join the credit union as I passionately believe it is a vital, ethical source of credit and savings for the whole community. I know that my savings, along with those of others, offer a critical alternative to payday loans and other forms of (what is often exploitative) lending provided by the commercial financial sector. By being on the Board, I am able to contribute to an organisation that makes such a vital difference to people's lives in our community.

London Capital Credit Union helps everyone in the community by promoting saving and by reducing the cost of credit. This is particularly helpful when someoneís finances are stretched, or if they have been excluded from financial services products altogether.  By offering savings and loan products at very competitive rates, the credit union encourages its members to save even when they are borrowing.

Sharon Dyer

My parents have always been part of the credit union in our home town of Bradford, West Yorkshire, so I grew up knowing where mum and dad put their savings. My first involvement came when I picked up a leaflet inviting volunteers to join a Steering Group planning a new credit union for Islington. It grabbed my attention and it felt right to volunteer my time to help others like myself on low incomes as well as sharpening my business skills.

It has been over seven years since I joined what is now London Capital Credit Union and the transformation from a humble membership of just 200 people to over 12,000 today has been incredible. It has been my privilege to play a part in the credit unionís development and growth.

Being a volunteer takes commitment to take care of business and not being afraid to get stuck in with the rest of the staff and volunteers. It has meant attending regular meetings, participating in essential training and of course making the tea!  It has all been worth it and, as a member, I have benefited from being able to save as well as borrow for household goods and even a special holiday with my family.

Kathleen Egan

I have lived in Islington since 1980, when I worked in a childcare nursery. I saw lots of parents running up high cost debts using doorstep lenders and so I started to think about credit unions as an alternative for people who were paying too much for credit.

I joined the Board of Directors of London Capital Credit Union six years ago and I currently serve as Training Officer. My family background is Irish and in Ireland credit unions are very strong so I was aware of how they worked for local communities rather than just for profit.

I got involved in the Board to provide support to staff and to ensure we are a good employer, offering decent pay and conditions. I enjoy the volunteer work on the Board, helping to plan the growth of the credit union and going to local meetings to promote our services. I am proud to have played my part in creating one of the UKís largest savings and loans co-operatives.

Elaine Greaves

I was introduced to the credit union movement by my parents as a child, as my father was a founder member of Hornsey Co-operative Credit Union, which was set up in 1962. This was the UKís first credit union, formed by a group of new immigrants from the West Indies because there had been a lack of financial services for people new to the country. My father, Blair Greaves, served on the Board of Directors for all of the 50 years that this credit union was in existence and was President for over 25 years, up to the time of the merger with London Capital Credit Union.

I joined the Board of London Capital Credit Union in 2014 and I am keen to follow in my fatherís footsteps, promoting the credit union movement as a fair and more ethical source of financial services.

I work for Islington Council, where I use the payroll deduction savings scheme. The credit union really helps me to save, and I know that my savings are there when I need them. It is good to know that our savings are providing a source of low cost loans for people in need.

John Hitchin

I live in Haringey and work in Hackney as the Deputy Chief Executive of a social enterprise that aims to support individuals and communities across London. I know from work across the capital with a range of communities, just how important good quality and affordable financial services are for people.

I believe that credit unions are in a unique position to be able to help communities in a positive way, one which supports those in need of support in hard times through to those who are more secure and want good quality and competitive savings and loans.

I believe that it is our job as a Board to make sure that London Capital Credit Union serves that whole community, and to do so for the common benefit of our members.

Don Kehoe

I have lived and worked in Islington for over 30 years and, after being involved with the EC1 New Deal for Communities project, I wanted to volunteer for an organisation that addressed the needs of my neighbourhood.

My career in IT for a wide range of City of London institutions means I have had experience of business and finance, so London Capital Credit Union was an obvious choice with its emphasis on thrift and provision of affordable credit to local people. I am committed to the success of London Capital Credit Union, our credit union, and I am proud to serve as Secretary on the Board.

I believe that our community is strongest when it is united and everyone has an equal chance and benefits fairly. Credit unions exemplify that because they are owned and run by members for members who share a common bond and any surplus or profits made in the year is shared between those who save with and borrow from the credit union.
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