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How to Use the Credit Union Salary Savings Scheme

Employers Salary Savings Scheme

The Employee Benefit Scheme For Employers and Employees

Watch this short video to see how we can help you and your employees to save regularly

The credit union is a not for profit co-operative that encourages saving as an alternative to borrowing, but also provides low cost loans at times of need. We run salary savings and loans schemes for dozens of employers, large and small who are interested in promoting the wellbeing of staff. Unlike others claiming to be ‘social businesses’, we are owned by our customers with profits returned to our members rather than external shareholders. Others encourage people to borrow, repeating the debt trap.

Evidence shows that people are much more likely to have a savings account where employers have a salary savings scheme with the credit union. The financial wellbeing & resilience provided by the availability of savings or low-cost loans is seen as a real benefit by employees and employers who use the service. This in turn can reduce stress caused by financial problems, reducing staff turnover, sickness levels, and absenteeism.

If you would like to offer your employees access to secure savings accounts, support with money management and low cost loans, please contact us.

If your employer is already working with us, simply complete the form below and we will take care of the rest.



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