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The credit union difference

When it comes to financial services, there is something very different about credit unions.

Owned by our customers and driven by service to members not short-term profit, our primary objective is to encourage people to save. When did your bank ever encourage you to save? Every shop you go to, every site on the internet offers things on credit. No one encourages you to plan your finances and save for the things you need. Our goal of encouraging people to save makes credit unions different in a particularly important way.

Shakirah Arowesikela, Supervisor at the Credit Union, said: “The Credit Union is here for our members when the unexpected happens. As well as helping members save for rainy days, we also offer a range of affordable loans.

“We’ve supported many members with loans recently, helping them deal with unexpected costs and life’s little emergencies. So, if you need a little help getting by, a Credit Union loan could work for you.”

Click here to find out more about saving with the Credit Union and go to our loans page for information on our range of fair and affordable loans.

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