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Don’t just take our word for it!

Every year we ask our members for their feedback on how we helped them and here are just some of the great comments we received in 2021.

Affordable loans

“Accessing credit with low interest rates has saved me a lot of money.”

“The saver loans system is very good. By the time you finish the loan you will still have some savings kept away for you.”

“A credit union loan for a rent deposit has allowed me get a home with London’s crazy high prices.”

“Just knowing that loans are available if I need it gives me peace of mind.”

Safe savings

“Being a member helps me to save and feel more secure.”

“I’m not great at saving, but CU has helped enormously, as it comes straight from my wages.”

“I had never saved before, I was a borrower. I have now saved so much with CU it gives me a financial cushion and, at the same time, helped me rebuild my credit profile to a score of ‘excellent’.”

“Helped me to save a little bit, which has really helped with emergencies that came up.”

“The PrizeSaver scheme has really encouraged me to save.”

Financial help when needed

“You rescued me from debt when I thought nobody could.”

“As an NHS nurse they helped me so much when I really needed a holiday.”

“At short notice I was able to get loan approved for an essential payment that was overdue.”

“Credit Union has helped me when I was not accepted for loans elsewhere. This was really what kept me loyal to Credit Union, I have managed to save some money for my kids too.”

Friendly and helpful staff

“I love the Credit Union. From the moment I walked in I was greeted kindly & been dealt with in this way ever since.”

“Always been efficient and quick to reply with any questions I have.”

“I have been through a couple of very bleak periods and the CU has bent over backwards to help.”

“They sat me down and helped me with a plan to sort my debts.”

An ethical business

“Helped me save money and helped me realise there are still good companies that care about people!”

“I am pleased my savings are a help to others who may need to borrow from the CU.”

“I like the ‘local saving vibe’ at the Credit Union.”

“We need more services like this. The credit union are like modern day financial superheroes.”

A big thank you to all our members!

If you’re looking for a safe home for your savings in an ethical organisation, or if you need to borrow some money, why not talk to us and join our ever-growing number of happy members.



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