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Plan your holiday finances with the Credit Union

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or a staycation in the UK, the cost of a holiday can soon mount up. A Credit Union holiday savings account could provide the perfect way to pay for your next getaway.

Lots of us are already thinking about this year’s summer holiday and sadly the costs are likely to be higher than ever. However, a Credit Union holiday savings account is a great idea for planning your finances, to make sure you can afford your annual getaway.

With one of our holiday savings accounts, you can put away a little bit each month. This means that you can plan how much you would like to spend on your holiday, within what you can afford, and then save enough each month to cover the costs.

You can save by standing order or direct debit directly from your bank account and employees of the many organisations that participate in our Salary Savings Scheme can have savings deducted directly from their salary.

With a holiday savings account, you only withdraw the money when you need to pay for your holiday, whereas if the money is in with your other savings, or in your current account, you are more likely to spend it on other things.

Credit Union Chief Executive Martin Groombridge said: “Getting away for a holiday is a priority for many of us, but with the way prices are rising, it can be hard to find the money when you need it. Opening one of our holiday savings accounts is a great way to budget for your next adventure, and it’s never too late to start saving and planning.”

Click here to find out about our savings products and how to open account. If you’re not already a member of the Credit Union, click here to join.



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