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More from our happy members!

At the beginning of the year, we posted a news article about the positive feedback from our members. We had so many great comments, we couldn’t fit them all in – so here are some of the other nice things our members said about us…

A safe home for savings

“They have really encouraged me to save which has helped me so much. They are very helpful and kind and have always dealt with me efficiently.”

“It’s always nice to know that I have a little money set aside to help me at the end of the month.”

“Savings coming directly from my pay helps a lot.”

Accessible and affordable loans

“At short notice I was able to get loan approved for an essential payment that was overdue.”

“I have had two Saver Loans and the process was smooth and uncomplicated.”

“The Credit Union has helped me so much! I think it’s really good that as you’re paying back a loan, you’re also paying money towards your savings.”

Help when needed

“My credit union membership has helped me out with an affordable loan when important costly car repairs were needed.”

“They helped with a sudden family bereavement, household appliances breakdowns, and holidays.”

“Always a help at Christmas, the most expensive time of year.”

Money management advice

“Helped me build my confidence in the way I manage my money.”

“Taught me how to manage my finances better.”

“I’m better at money management since I joined.”

An ethical way of doing business

“Easy, functional and more ethical way of saving.”

“I feel that I can always rely on you for loans while saving at the same time which is a lot more supportive and ethical than the banks.”

“I save with you as an act of solidarity, knowing my savings help others escape debt and poverty.”

Helpful and friendly

“l give them 10 out of 10, very good and friendly. They have helped me lots of times in the past.”

“Credit Union is always available when I need it. I am so grateful with their speed and customer service.”

“They have always been most helpful and efficient.”

A big thank you to all our members!

If you’re looking for a safe home for your savings in an ethical organisation, or if you need to borrow some money, talk to us and join our ever-growing band of happy members.



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